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Community Service

We believe that doing community service is important; it prepares our students to be responsible and engaged citizens. The schools share with their students an optimistic view of the future. One of the fundamental goals of Tigrinhos and Golden Tigers is to prepare its students to be successful and committed members of society who understand the importance of their role in making the world a better place.

Tigrinhos’ Secret

Early Childhood Education

It all begins with our belief that children should experience the importance of helping others. When any child helps another person they feel more secure and empowered and it also makes them more understanding. Tigrinhos’ Secret Society gives our students the opportunity to help others. These small campaigns and donations help improve the quality of life in our local community.

Through their actions students learn the importance of being generous and empathetic and are on their way to becoming critical thinkers and active members of the communities they live in.

The project entails:

Examining a situation or identifying a specific need in our local community;
Choosing a community or institution to help;
Identifying how to help the community or organization;
Collect donations with family and friends;
Recording and documenting their activities;
Writing a letter to be delivered with the donations explaining the project;
The kids deliver the donations and interact with the people receiving their donation;


For Elementary and Middle School students

Throughout the year, the students do various community projects that help people or institutions in need in and around Campinas. The students and teachers work side by side deciding what kind of projects they want to do and why and then they work together until the project is finished. Everyone benefits: the institutions or people receive the help they need, our students and teachers have a chance to bond, and the kids realize they have the ability to help others. It is a wonderful opportunity for our kids to acquire skills they will use throughout their lives.


This is also how our students acquire values such as:

Generosity •
Solidarity •
Empathy •
Compassion •

And much more!


Educating Social Educators

This non-profit, non-governmental organization is dedicated to educating and training the professionals referred to as social educators, who work in various charity organizations such as: day care centers, community centers, shelters, schools, and orphanages. Tigrinhos Comunidade’s mission is to improve the quality of care and education of the children and young adults who live in underserved communities in and around Campinas.

Tigrinhos Comunidade currently offers workshops and classes to 800 social educators, throughout the year, who work in 50 institutions in and around Campinas that directly serve over 10,000 children.

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