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Who we are

Let us introduce ourselves to you:

Tigrinhos and Golden Tigers are well known and respected schools. Our educational group has 30 years of experience and continues to be a recognized leader in education.

We are on the cutting edge of the movement of providing a challenging student friendly academic curriculum that is set on basic core values.

We seek to stimulate and support the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of our students.

Our schools

Early childhood and bilingual pre- school

Our professional and loving staff takes excellent care of all our student’s needs so that they will reach their full intellectual, social, emotional and physical potential.

Bilingual Elementary and Middle School

Our school prepares its students to be self-confident, responsible citizens who are ready to meet the challenges of living in our ever changing global society.

Mission Statement

To deliver an exceptional multicultural education in a challenging, dynamic and accepting environment that encourages every student to reach their fullest potential by constructively engaging with their community while teaching them to be life-long learners.


To be a reference in shaping conscientious, capable citizens who transform their knowledge into ethical, critical and creative social participation.

What are core beliefs

Six main pillars guide us in how we interact and teach our children. All of them are well grounded and complement each other:  "I am! I can!" Philosophy, Bilingual Education, Constructivist Approach, Socio-Affective Education, Multicultural Education and Nutricional Education

Our school follows Dr. Grace Mitchell’s I am I can educational philosophy. It is a dynamic and fluid philosophy that prepares students to meet the challenges of our ever-changing world. It focuses on the child as a whole and considers much more than just intellectual development. It fosters:

Bilingual Education

In Today’s multicultural world, being bilingual is essential. In our schools students do more than just learn English, they live it. Hearing and speaking English occurs naturally throughout the day.

In Tigrinhos our students have Playgroup where they learn by doing, repeating, mirroring and playing in English. In Golden Tigers the English Language Learning has three distinct and specialized English classes everyday: reading, language arts and English as a foreign language.

Pro active student centered learning

Our students learn by doing hands on activities and studying a wide variety of sources. We do not follow textbooks from one individual company; our students use articles, journals, and primary sources and critically examine what they are studying.

Teachers work with and guide their students making connections between our students and the subject being taught. Each subject teacher also creates their own notebook with all kinds of information, charts, maps and secondary sources they believe their students need.

How do our schools attain their mission’s goals?

• Reduced class size
Our classes have fewer students so the teacher can supervise all their students and give them the attention they deserve. The entire class can work together as well.

• Different forms of evaluation
Testing is just a small part of our grading system. Students are also evaluated on their: class work, homework, group work, presentations and participation in class discussions.

• Families and the community participation
Our curriculum uses outside sources to maximize learning. Parents are invited to participate in sharing their knowledge and experience whenever it can be applied to what the classes are studying. The teacher and students can also invite local experts who can add valuable understanding to what is being studied in class.

Multicultural Education


Our world is becoming more and more multicultural. Having the ability to respect and understand other cultures is extremely important. Speaking more than one language is no longer a differential, it has become a necessity. Being bilingual and being able to speak English opens up a world of exciting possibilities; like traveling, living abroad, and working in various countries. That is why our educational group has been offering our students an excellent bilingual education for the past 29 years.


Early childhood and preschool Tigrinhos

Tigrinhos has always offered a multicultural education because every month the kids study a different country. Many of the concepts and skills every age group learns may be organized around a particular country they are studying. The colors, geometric shapes, types of transportation, weather may all come from the country they are learning about. At the end of the month there is a celebration of that country; and all the groups present what they have learned.

The babies are also exposed to English; they hear it being spoken and sung. It is part of their daily routine. The older the kids get, the more they become involved and begin understanding them speaking English. First the students understand, then they follow simple commands, then they mirror and imitate what they understand and finally they speak.

Elementary and Middle School Golden Tigers

In Golden Tigers our students continue their multicultural education and apply it to nearly everything they study.
In history they study various civilizations, in geography they compare the land forms of different countries. They continue to study English as well. In arts they study famous artists from different countries and our Hall of Fame project teaches them about famous people from all over the world.


Being healthy is essential to absorbing all the pedagogical content and living with energy. Therefore, we have special care with the menu that we offer, which is the basis for healthy and responsible food awareness.

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