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Independent Studies

31 / maio / 2021
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Independent Studies

Os alunos do Ensino Fundamental da Golden Tigers que estão em níveis mais avançados de inglês estão participando de um projeto bilíngue denominado Independent Studies – Estudos Independentes. Neste projeto, eles recebem a mentoria de nosso Diretor Acadêmico Perry Krassner, na busca por se desafiarem em atividades na língua inglesa.


Leia abaixo o artigo escrito por  Carolina C. (8º ano do Ensino Fundamental) sobre o projeto de taxação de livros que esteve na mídia recentemente. O texto é resultado do exercício de leitura e escrita em inglês do Independent Studies.



Almost every year the Brazilian government tries to end the book’s tax exemptions. This year a person used the argument, only rich people read, so it is fine to increase the book’s price. This isn’t true 76,4% of people who buy books in Brazil are of the middle class or lower class. Books are already getting more expensive each year and not all people can afford them, even without the new taxes.

In my opinion, we are each day getting closer to this story, where books were burned in public parks. Instead of fireplaces the government tries to implement new taxes to make the books inaccessible for most of the population; making it more difficult for them to read. As Ray Bradbury (the author of Fahrenheit 451) has said “you don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them”.

In Brazil, books are already much more expensive than in many other countries, for example, the paperback version of Fahrenheit 451 is US$7.91, whereas a Brazilian equivalent version is R$44,90 taking it into consideration how much more Americans make than Brazilian, this makes Brazilian books even more expensive.

Our government is trying to increase 12% of book’s prices by implementing a new tax (3887/2020 law project), suggested by Paulo Guedes.

Fahrenheit 451 shows us a society where books were burned to keep people away from knowledge. In my opinion, anyone who thinks that raising taxes is fair and correct is a fool.

We should all do our best to avoid ignorance. Books are doors for many opportunities in life. As Malala said, “One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world”. If you have a little time after finishing this, please sign this petition: and defend the books!

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