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Ok Fechar

With fluency in the English language, your child will be even more prepared for a globalized and challenging world. Our English classes enable children to build all the skills necessary for mastery of the language.



  • With daily English classes, students spend much of their school time in contact with the language. In addition to renowned academic resources support the classes.
  • We have special study groups to accelerate learning for both students who need to be introduced to the language and those who need to improve some aspects of the language.
  • Constructivist approach with experiences and playfulness using the method TPR - Total Physical Response

Thus, students:

Improve listening, speaking, reading and writing skills

They are the protagonists in playful and interactive classes, creating the pleasure of studying the language

Experience different North American cultural aspects

Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing

To work on these skills, students develop special projects. Like for example:

Show & Tell

Show & Tell

Using audiovisual resources, students present research that they built on various topics.


Spelling Bee

From spelling, students broaden their vocabulary and explore the different sounds of the letters.

English as a Second Language

Hall of Fame and Debate

With more elaborate presentations, students participate in in-depth discussions on current issues and contemporary personalities.

FUNDAMENTAL in your child's life!

Learn about our proposal for elementary and middle school.

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