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Há 34 anos formando life-long learners!

A proposta de educação do Fundamental Bilíngue Golden Tigers, é de uma educação global: que inspira, engaja e desenvolve seu potencial completo.

Da excelência acadêmica ao desenvolvimento socioemocional; do acompanhamento físico-nutricional ao engajamento social, formamos life-long learners!

Em turmas de período integral ou semi-integral, do 1º ao 9º ano, os alunos aprendem com atividades hands-on, impulsionando o desenvolvimento máximo de cada um.

100% de pontuações máximas na certificação TOEFL

• Filosofia americana que potencializa a autonomia

Discovery Group semanal com acompanhamento de psicólogos

Acompanhamento nutricional diário e individual

What makes us different

Child friendly and centered curriculum that works in partnership with parents

English immersion with daily experiences, in addition to Spanish classes

Student run assemblies where students discuss issues and policies and school activities of interest to them

Healthy food cooked "in loco" with nutritional monitoring

Students evaluations involve 4 other areas besides quizzes and tests

Academic resources

Our school’s basic curriculum is determined by the secretary of education and internationally recognized educational institutions. Our students learn by doing hands on activities and studying a wide variety of sources. We do not follow one fixed textbook from one individual company. Our students use articles, journals, and primary sources and critically examine what they are studying. Each subject teacher also creates their own notebook with all kinds of information, charts, maps and secondary sources they believe their students need.

The strengths of our didactic material:

  • Students work with primary sources and historical documents
  • Students’ studies often go beyond the scope of normal curriculums so they can learn more and explore their interests
  • Students use various sources so they can study different points of view on the same subject
  • Our students learn the importance of researching and checking their sources. It also helps our students develop their critical thinking
  • Students use technology and internet sources like TEDs.

Our Staff

Our qualified, well trained, professional staff works as a team. They will be watching over, guiding and offering assistance to children throughout the entire school day. Our staff includes:

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We go beyond verbal, written, and reading fluency. In addition to a higher frequency of English classes - possible by the daily period being a semi-full-day, - the Golden Tigers' students are part of a bilingual environment, where the American language and culture are presents.

New students or children who need help can participate in the individual and personalized follow-up program, the Fast Track, so they can quickly follow the day-to-day with the class.

Our Structure

Our campus has more than 5.000 square meters of nature and unique structures for Elementary School. We offer everything necessary to develop all skills and areas of knowledge.

Multicultural Education

Our multicultural curriculum gives all our students a better understanding of our ever changing and globally connected world. They learn through experience to appreciate and respect other cultures as well as their own.


Being healthy is essential to absorbing all the pedagogical content and living with energy. Therefore, we have special care with the menu that we offer, which is the basis for healthy and responsible food awareness.

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Tenho uma filha matriculada Tigrinhos e uma filha na Golden Tigers. A mais velha, estuda na escola há cinco anos aproximadamente. A entrada dela na Golden,

Bom, o que temos para dizer da escola são só coisas boas, pois, a Raíssa só teve melhoras esses anos que esteve na Golden Tigers. Ela

Escolhemos a Golden Tigers por acreditarmos numa escola que sabe identificar a individualidade e o potencial de cada aluno, estimulando suas capacidades cognitivas e motoras. A

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Our video gallery is full of: great academic activities and unforgettable moments.

Special Projects

Giving our students the opportunity to have fun and learn outside the classroom is an important part of what we do. Take a look at some of the things we offer after school.

Community Service

Golden Actions

Our Golden Tigers stand out for their social awareness. Together, we develop frequent actions that encourage solidarity practice.

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