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For 34 years teaching life-long learners!

The educational proposal of Tigrinhos Bilingual Pre-scholl and Kindergarden Education is a global education: which inspires, engages, and develops their full potential.

Here, students grow happily throughout their journey, supported by a multicultural environment, specialized infrastructure, and a highly qualified team.

Choose from full-time, semi-full-time, or half-day classes, along with our exclusive English immersion program, Playgroup!, which allows for an extended schedule of 3 or 5 hours.

The “I am! I can!” philosophy approaches:





Our World

Do you know that at this age students discover and learn about their world by having fun? That is why we have such big safe area with so many different types of activities for them to experience something new.

Our Staff

Our qualified, well trained, professional staff works as a team. They will be watching over, guiding and offering assistance to children throughout the entire school day.
Our staff includes:

What makes us special

A child-based education that works closely with our students’ families

A daily English immersion Program based on a multicultural curriculum

Healthy meals and snacks made from many vegetables and fruits we grow ourselves and a planned industrial kitchen

An environmentally friendly curriculum that is value driven and strives to develop character and community involvement

Learn about our

Once your child has reached the age of 3, he/she can participate in a daily English Program based on playing. The school and teachers offer an English environment like living in an English speaking country that is dynamic and lots of fun. The kids do actions and say what they are doing. They learn by listening, mirroring what they hear, doing, and singing and listening to music. It’s an experience-based learning and it is a lot of fun.


 Daily routines and activities
 Develop fluency
 Think in English


The results are amazing!

Nutritional Education

ABC kitchen aims to teach our students the importance of eating healthy and well balanced meals. All students especially those with dietary challenges are given special attention. Our kitchen produces a lot of its own food and no fried food or sodas are served. The students also have classes with our nutritionist

Multicultural Education

Our students learn about different countries. They experience different cultures through colors, sounds, music, flavors, stories, and guided tours. They really enjoy their journey around the world!

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A escolha de uma escola é algo bastante pessoal e difícil, principalmente quando se trata do primeiro ambiente fora de casa. Quando visitamos a Escola Tigrinhos

Pensei que ia ser difícil tirar a chupeta, que ia ter muita resistência. A conscientização deve ter sido fruto do trabalho que vocês desenvolveram na Tigrinhos.

Com a Tigrinhos foi amor a primeira vista que se confirma a cada dia! O carinho e a alegria que cada um cuida e ensina nossos

This is the area where you will find excellent information that will help you achieve excellence in your child´s education.

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Lights, Camera,

Our video gallery is full of: great academic activities, unforgettable moments, and fun and touching moments.

Extracurricular activities

These activities are special and fun and include classes that are not in the curriculum like Capoeira, ballet and outdoor activities. Take a look at what our students can do!

Community Service

Tigrinhos´ Secret Society

Tigrinhos has a community service project called Sociedade Secreta. All the students have an opportunity to help someone or an institution and put into practice the values they are studying. They also learn that part of being a good citizen is having respect and empathy for those in need.

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