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  • Nursery
  • Early Childhood Education and Playgroup
  • Elementary School
  • Psychomotor development room
  • Flag Square
  • Library
  • Pick Up & Drop Off
  • Cafeteria
  • Specialist Rooms
  • Babies and Tigrinhos Park
  • Sandbox
  • Treehouse
  • Playground
  • Laboratory of Physical and Biological Sciences
  • Capoeira
  • Multipurpose field
  • Court
  • English Program
  • Vegetable garden
  • Computer Lab
  • Golden Lounge

Computer Lab

Equipped with high-tech material, the Computer Lab is a learning enhancer, enabling digital platforms and interactive media during Elementary School classes.

Golden Lounge

The exclusive community space for Middle School students provides moments of relaxation, socialization, and study for our Golden Tigers.

Vegetable GARDEN

In this place, the classes are responsible for some beds, where they plant and follow the growth of the cultivated plants. Thus, students see food grow and develop, experiencing the whole process, from the seed to the food dish.


Here, elementary school students become explorers, studying the human body, animals, plants, the environment as a whole and particularities of the physical and biological universe. In this space, theory is seen in practice with instruments and experiences.


This special complex presents rooms that allow adaptation to the different approaches of our English program. The facility also has a large deck, which offers students an important space for interaction.


It is used, preferably, for Physical Education classes or in extra activities taught by specialists. Space for games and games that entertain and stimulate the physical, motor and social development of the student. We usually use it in big events, like the Junina Festival, for example.


The space is used for activities that positively influence the physical and social capacities of children. The versatility of this space allows several possibilities for educators.


This space is dedicated to capoeira classes, and is equipped with all the musical instruments and equipment necessary to practice this activity.


With a variety of toys, installed in an incredible green area, students can develop in the psychomotor area, exploring all their physical abilities.


An incredible space used by several disciplines, totally connected to nature. The access is always supervised so that the students can explore the place to the maximum, but with total security.


In this environment, outdoor activities in a way that bring lots of interaction and learning with a fun approach. Several concepts are worked during activities in this space, such as: mathematics (counting, quantity, space), imagination, creativity and motor skills.

Babies and Tigrinhos Park

A completely safe space integrated with nature, which has unique and specific toys for this age group.


With thematic rooms and equipped according to each specialty, we have spaces dedicated to art, computer science and music. The Music room has a complete band (with bass, drums, piano and guitar), a complete set of Orff instruments, xylophones and metalophones, boomwhackers, percussion instruments of different types, flutes, guitars and more dedicated to specific dynamics.


There are three: a specific one for nursery classes and early years of Early Childhood Education; another for the more advanced classes of Tigrinhos; and the third for Elementary School. Each of them features furniture specific to different ages, which allows for greater comfort at meal times.

Pick Up & Drop Off

This system allows greater speed, convenience and safety in the moments of entry and exit of students. The pick-up and drop off is carried out by our team, properly trained, without you need to get out of the car.


The room is a true invitation to reading, with fables, tales, legends, poetry and deep content in Portuguese, English and Spanish. There are more than 5 thousand titles that are available to our community.

FLAG Square

This is a space of interaction used by the students of the two schools, and reinforces the importance of multiculturalism for the construction of a global knowledge.

PSYCHOMOTOR development room

Safe and padded, the Tiger Forest has several Olympic gym equipment adapted to the different ages of our students. This is the place of exploration, psychomotor development and body awareness. All activities are planned and accompanied by a professional specializing in Physical Education.

Elementary School

This space is organized as thematic rooms, which encourage students to move between spaces and interact with different environments continuously. In addition, students are responsible for organizing classrooms and individual lockers, increasing independence and sense of organization.

Early Childhood Education and PLAYGROUP

Located on our second floor, these rooms present compositions adapted to the needs of each age group. The furniture varies according to the activities carried out by the group that occupies it. The rooms are very airy, most of which are open to our gardens.


Occupying the entire first floor of our main building, the rooms dedicated to the Nursery are adapted to offer a cozy and safe space for children. This floor also has a lactario, with exclusive refrigerator for storage of milk and space for breastfeeding.

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